Naked & Unashamed!

In our trying to grasp it, we've reduced the unimaginable into something that we can manage. So,
we miss  the incredible, which is simply this; God, the Creator of the Universe has communicated
His love to us. A love beyond anything we've ever humanly known or experienced. Through the
death & resurrection of His Son, He's made it possible for us to understand the
incomprehensible. In Christ, He has offered LIFE...real LIFE and we have no idea what that means.
Much of what our minds have comprehended and accepted as faith doesn't help us much. We're
facing giants and standing exhausted at the feet of mountains in marital and family crisis, health
issues, stress, anxiety, economic panic and world turmoil. Simply striving  to be moral, follow the
rules and play nice for Jesus is not enough to keep you off Xanex.  I'm not kidding! In fact, if you
never recognize that things are not what they seem and there's more to this life than whatever
you're going through, (or whatever you're hearing)  you'll
need the Xanex just to hold on.
There is Hope beyond whatever
you're going through
There is no need to be ashamed,
isolate or hide...that it's safe to come
out and stand "Naked & Unashamed"
You are loved! Accepted! Included!
You belong!

This website was simply created as an encouragement and as a prayer, agreeing with Paul in his hope for the Ephesians as
well as every other believer, that "the eyes of your heart be opened" and you would see just what it is that you've been called
into and the miracle of what you've become in Him.
Even though oftentimes it's presented as very bad news, the truth is....the death and resurrection of
Jesus Christ is the very best news in the history of this planet ! And what does that mean to you and
me personally? He says if feel abandoned, betrayed or alone, He knows. He's been in our skin and
knows what it's like to say we're afraid, tired or overwhelmed with life. Yet, though most of us would
profess faith, we're still living in hiding, ashamed and weighed down with guilt. Why? The gospel
means "Good News!" The Bible says, Jesus came to "set the captive free" yet we live anything but
free...instead most of us are walking around feeling trapped, hopeless and in deep depression.
In fact to begin to understand what God Himself accomplished at the cross, is to begin to know peace
that is beyond any human understanding. In the death & resurrection of Christ....
The Gospel really is "GOOD NEWS!"  
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I'm not so great at
keeping it up, but
would welcome your
thoughts and

John 10:10 "I have
come that you may
have life...life lived to
the fullest." That's
"Home" and there's  
no place like it!
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Welcome to "Naked & Unashamed"

However you found this site, I'm glad you're here!  Perhaps this is NOT what
you thought it was or what you were looking for and maybe you just happened to "stumble" onto
"Naked and Unashamed"...however, I believe there are no accidents. It doesn't take one with any
particular great prophetic skill to realize you may be going through something difficult...or even
devastating. It wouldn't be a stretch with all that is going on in the world to recognize that you
may be one of those who are experiencing a crisis you never saw coming and feel that life as
you knew it is crumbling. I've been there and know that paralyzing feeling of hopelessness.
Listen, there is only one point to this site...it's to tell you there IS HOPE! There is a Truth much
bigger than whatever you're facing! I pray you'll find it here
Something huge and magnificent has happened!

The apostle Paul wrote in
Romans 12 to "be
transformed by the
renewing or refreshing of
your mind." These are
thinking words! Paul
understood that if we are
ever going to really enjoy
life with any sense of
peace or joy, our mind
needs to catch up with
what HAS taken place in
the deepest part of who
we are.